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Caesar Country is a love letter to Canada by way of one cocktail — our cocktail — the Caesar.

In this stunning book, Aaron Harowitz and Zack Silverman — co-founders of Walter Craft Caesar — take you on a deep and detailed dive through the art and science of Caesar making. They share a compelling collection of cocktail and food recipes, including contributions from some of Canada’s top bartenders and chefs, showcasing the countless ways to reinterpret the classic Caesar. 

Caesar Country is inspired by travels across Canada — the people met, places seen, and drinks enjoyed— and seamlessly weaves together the Caesar’s history, evolution, and the innovators behind it, to create a visual and culinary celebration of the country it calls home.

Cocktail & Food Photography: Tanya Pilgrim

With contributing recipes from: Ned Bell, Michelle Bernstein, Matthew Boyle, Trevor Burnett, Julio Cabrera, Jason Chan, Adrian Chappell, Joan Chell, Sylvie Cheverie, Jonathan Chovancek, Bronwen Clark, Anthony Cobb, Nicole Crozier, Derek Dammann, Donna Dooher, Rich Francis, Chuck Hughes, Nathan Hynes, Katy Ingraham, Trevor Kallies, Lora Kirk, Charlotte Langley, Stephen La Salle, Mel Leonard, Reuben Major, Paul Mason, David McMillan, Jess Midlash, Adele Moriarty, Lauren Mote, John Pan, Sarah Parniak, Ray Pieres, Ryan Reynolds, Joe Ruhland, Hayley Samuel, Katja Schmidt, Zach Slootsky, Jessica Smith, Michael Smith, Kaitlyn Stewart, Elsa Taylor, Jeffrey Van Horne, JenniLee Vaneltsi, Jesse Vergen, Julien Vezina, Robin Wasicuna, Jordan Watson, Tyrone Welchinski, Chris Whittaker, and Craig Wong.

The ultimate Caesar bible.

Chuck Hughes, chef & co-owner of Garde Manger, cookbook author, and host of APTN’s Chuck and the First Peoples’ Kitchen

A beautiful piece of Canadiana through the lens of our national drink. I love this book.

Meredith Erickson, author of Alpine Cooking and co-author of Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse

It’s about time somebody wrote the book on Canada’s national obsession, the (Bloody) Caesar. This lovingly researched and highly entertaining book proves that there’s always something to learn about this versatile and surprisingly layered cocktail — an enigma, really, wrapped in mystery and topped with bacon. And sometimes shrimp, too.

Christine Sismondo, author of America Walks into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog Shops

The Caesar! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Aaron and Zack have created an extremely thoughtful, delicious, iconic cookbook to honour “Our National Cocktail” and all things Canadian. Caesar Country is a must have for
your collection.”

Lynn Crawford, Iron Chef, TV personality, and cookbook author

All hail Aaron and Zack for bringing us this definitive guide to Canada’s national cocktail! While I like my Caesar with freshly grated horseradish, a dash of hot sauce and an extra splash of vodka, this book showcases plenty of unique ways a Caesar can be enjoyed, thanks to the creative contributions of bartenders, chefs and purveyors from coast-to-coast.

Chef Michael Bonacini, Co-founder, Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality and MasterChef Canada judge