The Walter “Classic” Caesar

Sometimes nothing beats a classic.

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Pac Rim Caesar

Inspired by the West Coast.

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Session Caesar™

A refreshing Beer Caesar.

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Bloody Queen Caesar

Pip pip cheerio and all that.

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Char Caesar

Fire up the grill.

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Ploughman’s Caesar

Cocktail & snack. All-in-one.

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Central Caesar

Heartland inspired for National Caesar Day.

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West Coast Caesar

Inspired by Canada’s West Coast for National Caesar Day.

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Prairie Caesar

The flatlands inspired this National Caesar Day recipe.

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East Coast Caesar

National Caesar Day needed a The Maritimes inspired recipe.

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Rocky Mountaineer

Inspired by the famous train.

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A few simple Caesar recipes for your Canada Day celebrations.


The Classic Caesar

1 oz vodka
4 oz. Walter Craft Caesar Mix – Classic Spice
a squeeze of fresh lime
juice freshly grated horseradish
cracked black pepper

rim: lime juice, Walter Craft Caesar Rim
garnish: fresh celery, lime wheel


The Session Caesar

4 oz beer (lager)
2 oz Walter Craft Caesar Mix – Vegan
1 oz fresh lime juice
pinch salt

rim: lime juice, rock sea salt
garnish: lime wheel




The Central Caesar

1 oz gin
4 oz Walter Craft Caesar Mix – Mild Spice
1 bar spoon maple syrup
2 dash hot sauce
2 dash Worcestershire sauce
1 squeeze lime
2 dash celery bitters (or pinch celery salt)

rim: maple syrup, Montreal steak spice
garnish: pickled beets, local charcuterie




The Holiday Fashion Caesar

Nothing quite says the Holidays like a round of festive cocktails. And because the holidays are a time for entertaining and celebrating in style, our Holiday Fashion Caesar recipe features our limited-edition Holiday Caesar Mix crafted with tarragon, sage and sustainably sourced lobster stock. Yes, lobster! So gather your family and friends, it’s time to celebrate.


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