You Have Some Questions.
No Worries, We Have Some Answers.

What the heck is a Caesar? 

Invented by Walter Chell in the late 60’s, the Caesar (or Bloody Caesar) is the classic Canadian cocktail. It typically contains vodka, tomato clam cocktail mix (we suggest Walter Craft Caesar Mix), hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, spices and is served over ice and traditionally garnished with a celery salt rimmed glass, a stalk of celery and wedge of lime. Basically, it’s kinda like a Bloody Mary – but way better. Trust us.

You can listen to a story about the history of the Caesar (and Walter) from CBC Radio.


Is Walter ready to drink? Or do I need to add my own spices?

Walter is pre-seasoned with real grated horseradish, select spices, Wochestershire and hot sauce, and comes in 4 flavours: Classic Spice, Mild Spice, Vegan, Smoky Maple. The Classic Spice packs a bit of a kick, and many people choose to just add vodka (or their spirit of choice) and enjoy as is. However, if you are like us, and really like it spicy, feel free to add even more spice. The Mild Spice still has great, bold flavour, but is toned down on the spice level a fair bit – and is ready to drink for those of you who like a mild Caesar, or a perfect base to add whatever spices and extras you like. Vegan is similar to the spice & seasoning levels of the Classic Spice Mix (without the clam juice of course) as is Smoky Maple.

We know everybody has their own Caesar recipes, tried and tested over many years and many cocktails. So go ahead and mix Walter up your way – he can take it.

You can also check out a few of our favourite Walter Caesar drink recipes here.

Is Walter gluten-free?

Yes! We have ensured that all ingredients in Walter are gluten-free. For those that are curious, that also means we do not use any malt vinegar.

Is Walter Ocean Wise™ recommended? 

Yes. We are proud to be an official Ocean Wise partner and to have worked with the Vancouver Aquarium to ensure that the clam juice we use in Walter is Ocean Wise recommended. Read more about it here.

What is Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program, created to help businesses and their customers make environmentally friendly choices. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item assures you that option is the best choice for the health of the oceans. Learn more about Ocean Wise here.

What is “sustainable seafood”?

Sustainable seafood can be defined as species that are caught or farmed in a way that ensures the long-term health and stability of that species, as well as the greater marine ecosystem. Ocean Wise defines sustainability based on 4 criteria. An Ocean Wise recommended species is:

1.     Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
2.    Well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
3.    Harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target & endangered species.
4.    Harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats & negative interactions with other species.

Learn more about sustainable seafood here.

Does Walter have liquor included?

Nope. Walter is a  non-alcoholic all-natural Caesar mix – ready for you to add your spirit of choice. Usually, it’s vodka for the classic. But tequila, gin and even red wine are great. Feel free to experiment, there are lots of interesting ways to change up your cocktail.

Can I drink Walter as a virgin cocktail?

Of course! Walter is really quite tasty without liquor. In fact, we even use it in the kitchen. It makes a great addition to pasta sauce, soups & stews and even as a brazing liquid for meats & fish.

Where does the name Walter come from?

Basically, because there have been some outstanding Walters in history. Walter “Clyde” Frazier. Walt Whitman. Walter White. Walter “Sweetness” Payton. Walter GretzkyWalter Cronkite. Walter Matthau. Walt Disney. And of course, Walter Chell, inventor of the Caesar.

Where can I get Walter?

Find Walter on shelf and behind the bar here.

I do all my shopping online – can I order Walter on the internet? 

You sure can. Order here.

Can I serve / sell Walter at my restaurant, bar or store?

Great idea! We’d be delighted. We think your customers will too. Drop us a line or fire us a quick e-mail, we’ll get it sorted out.

Can I get my hands on Walter outside of Canada?

You can order it online to the US here.