The Holiday Celebration Caesar
– recipe



8 oz gin
1 bottle (32 oz) Walter Craft Caesar Mix – Holiday
1/2 lemon
4 sprigs tarragon
2 leaves fresh sage
4 basil sprigs
1 rosemary sprig
Cracked black pepper
Sea salt
1 oz sherry

rim: lemon, rosemary, sea salt, organic cane sugar
garnish: lemon wedge, pickled pearl onions, rosemary sprig


Batch recipe! This recipe need some time for the flavours to marry, so best done at least four hours before you are planning to get drinking!  Grab a 1 L jug and toss in half a lemon (chopped) and tear in your herbs. Add 8 oz gin, muddle with a wooden spoon. Pour in 1 bottle of Walter Caesar Mix – Holiday and let sit for about 4 hours. When ready to drink, pour your batched Caesar over ice in a rimmed glass and float 1 oz of sherry on the top (see video above for technique). Garnish with lemon and pickled pearl onions. Whew – time to celebrate!


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