National Caesar Day

While we think every day is kinda like Caesar Day, on May 17th we make it “official” by celebrating National Caesar Day.

So go on & raise a glass with Canadians from coast-to-coast. Cheers, eh.

A unique Canadian invention, the Caesar was first developed in Calgary, Alberta by bartender Walter Chell in 1969 for the opening of a new restaurant in the Calgary Inn. Chell spent months creating the drink, drawing inspiration from the classic pasta dish, Spaghetti Vongole. An instant hit with patrons, the Caesar was born and is now the most popular cocktail in Canada. So much so in fact, that Canadians now proudly celebrate an annual National Caesar Day across this great nation.


Fun Fact: Walter is proudly the Caesar of choice at the birthplace of the Caesar, the Westin Calgary (formerly the Calgary Inn).


 Cheers Canada.

However you choose to celebrate National Caesar Day this year, please do so safely, responsibly and with good cheer.